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Treatment FAQs

Things happen – and not always on a weekday during normal business hours. Luckily there is never a true emergency with Invisalign like there may be with braces. To better serve our patients, we invite you to call our office as soon as a dental emergency happens. If it takes place on a weekday, we will be glad to schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. For emergencies after hours, over the weekend and during holidays, please call our office for the doctor’s emergency contact number.

It’s simple — call to schedule your free consultation and in most cases we can get your treatment process started that day!

The length of treatment depends on the severity of your case and can only be determined by our doctors; however, the average case takes about 8 months for adults. The length of time necessary for a teen patient may vary and can be determined by our doctors.

We find that aligners are most effective when worn 20 hours per day and removed only for eating, brushing and flossing.

After your consultation, your Invisalign aligners are usually in our office 2 weeks later. Once we bond any attachments, we’ll usually give you enough aligners for 6 weeks. At your next appointment our doctors will evaluate if your teeth are moving properly and likely give you the next 3 months of aligners!

Depending on your specific treatment, some of the movements may require either “attachments” or “ridges” to help the aligner grip the teeth. These bumps, or wells, are where the aligner grips the attachment the doctor places on your teeth. The attachments are actually small pieces of enamel-colored composite the doctor affixes to your teeth that are then gripped by bumps on your aligners. The ridges are slim indentations in your aligners. Your doctor will use one or both of these features to attempt to achieve the desired tooth movement.