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Phase 1 Orthodontics

Phase 1 Orthodontic Treatment in Charlotte, NC

While many seek orthodontic treatment in their later years when dental misalignments become harder to correct, there’s a transformative power in early intervention. Seeing an orthodontist during childhood can have profound benefits, not only for the immediate aesthetics but for setting the foundation for lifelong dental health.

Early Expansion and Braces for Children at ClearSmile Orthodontics

At ClearSmile, we champion the idea that prevention is better than cure. By laying the right groundwork early on, we can ensure that teeth develop harmoniously, reducing the need for more intensive treatments later in life. As the leading choice for Invisalign and LightForce Clear Braces in Charlotte, our distinction as DIAMOND PLUS TOP 1% PROVIDERS underscores our dedication and expertise in this realm.

1. Palatal Expanders

What are they?

Palatal expanders are custom-made orthodontic devices created to widen the upper jaw, ensuring there’s adequate space for the teeth to align properly.


  • Reduces the risk of impacted teeth.
  • Provides space for permanent teeth to emerge.
  • May reduce the need for tooth removal in the future.
  • Assists in achieving a more harmonious facial appearance.

2. Early Interceptive Braces (Partial Braces)

A Head Start to a Clear Smile

Early braces can make a significant difference in guiding the eruption of permanent teeth and addressing bite discrepancies at a younger age.


  • Addressing space issues early on.
  • Directing jaw growth to accommodate future permanent teeth.
  • Reducing the chances of needing more extensive orthodontic treatment later.
  • Minimizing potential speech or chewing problems.

3. Airway and Pediatric Sleep Apnea

Why It Matters

Sleep apnea isn’t just an adult concern. Children, too, can experience blocked airways during sleep, which can impact their overall health and well-being.


  • Evaluate the child’s airway for any obstructions.
  • Align teeth and jaws to enhance airway function.
  • Recommend further interventions or treatments when needed.


  • Improved quality of sleep.
  • Enhanced concentration and school performance.
  • Reduced behavioral issues linked to sleep deprivation.

4. Correcting Bad Habits

Our orthodontic treatments aim not only to rectify dental irregularities but also to address the root causes of some of these issues.


  • Thumb Sucking: Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to misalignment of teeth. We provide gentle guidance and solutions to help children overcome this habit.
  • Lip Trap: This habit can result in an open bite. With early intervention, we can guide the teeth into a more ideal position.
  • Mouth Breathing: Chronic mouth breathing can alter facial growth. Our team assesses and offers techniques and treatments to promote nasal breathing.

Benefits of Phase 1 Treatment in Charlotte

Phase 1 treatments at ClearSmile focus on efficient, targeted solutions. By utilizing the aforementioned orthodontic tools and techniques, we provide effective outcomes without the need for more extensive treatment plans later on.
Addressing potential dental issues at a young age heads off larger problems down the road. This foresight often translates to shorter treatment times in the future and fewer complications.
Early treatments, like the ones we offer, guide the jaw's growth and ensure teeth emerge correctly, thereby decreasing future risks of overcrowding or misalignment.
By rectifying dental concerns early, we negate the need for more intensive, extended, and potentially pricier treatments in the future.
Initiating orthodontic care early promotes dental responsibility in children, paving the way for lifelong dental hygiene.
Having aligned teeth from a young age can significantly elevate a child's self-esteem, enabling them to smile without inhibitions.
Rectifying bite and alignment issues early can lead to proper speech development and efficient chewing.
Our treatments aim for more than aligned teeth; they also target achieving facial harmony.
Early correction of protruding or misaligned teeth can drastically reduce the chances of injuries like chipping or breaking.
Undergoing Phase 1 treatments can streamline any further orthodontic procedures needed in later years.
Beyond aligning teeth, our early interventions also tackle habits and factors that might impact dental health, ensuring a well-rounded approach to your child's oral care.

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