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Invisalign For Teens in Charlotte

Invisalign is the latest technology helping people align their teeth and achieve the picture-perfect smile they have always dreamed of. Unfamiliar with Invisalign teen? Read on…

Invisalign For Teens in Charlotte

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth and comfortable plastic to help your teeth shift. Each aligner is customized and created for individuals. This gives your teeth a more personalized alignment that eliminates human error. The aligners fit comfortably into the mouth and are virtually invisible. This makes it nearly impossible for others to know you’re straightening your teeth.

Not only does Invisalign teen look great and feel great, but it also functions great as well. These modified aligners are able to adapt to natural growing teeth, especially molars. This is why Invisalign teen can be used for kids as young as ten whose teeth aren’t fully developed yet.

  • The set of custom aligners requires changing every couple of weeks. These slowly move your teeth to where they need to be with little effort on the patient’s part.
  • These aligners can be taken out while eating, which eliminates the hassle of intensely brushing and cleaning your mouth after each meal.
  • Invisalign can provide even better results than traditional braces, and the cost varies from patient to patient. Mostly they’re around the exact cost as traditional braces. So why not try these?
  • Invisalign teen are the replacement aligners. Teenagers are notorious for losing and misplacing anything, but luckily Invisalign teen is prepared for such events.
  • Each Invisalign teen comes with six replacement aligners. So parents can avoid the calls to the orthodontist for more replacement aligners.