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Treating an Underbite with Invisalign

When medical professionals talk about dental issues, you’re bound to overhear some words that may instill fear if you’re not familiar with them. “Malocclusion” is one word you may come across. While that’s a big word, it’s not nearly as overwhelming as it may seem on the surface.

When someone has a malocclusion problem, it means the individual has an issue relating to the position of their teeth when their jaw is closed. An underbite, which is also referred to as an underjet, is an example of a malocclusion issue some people grapple with.


What Is an Underbite?

An underbite is best explained by comparing it to a mouth that’s in proper alignment. When properly aligned, your upper arch of teeth will be parallel to your lower teeth. Your upper arch will be a bit wider than your lower arch, which will allow your upper teeth to hang over your lower teeth when your mouth is closed. In an ideal situation, a portion of the surface of your bottom teeth will remain uncovered by your upper teeth.

If you have an underjet, your lower teeth will overlap your upper arch of teeth when your jaw is closed. This unnatural position can negatively influence a person’s appearance and the individual’s smile.

The Consequences of an Untreated UnderJet

An underjet can do more than impact your looks and your smile. It can put undue pressure on your lower teeth which can cause damage, for example. An underbite can also make it difficult to bite and chew food. An underjet can make it hard to speak clearly in some cases as well. Having an underbite may cause your teeth to wear down at a comparatively rapid rate, too.

Invisalign Treatment for Underbites

All hope isn’t lost if you happen to have an underbite. While braces have traditionally been used to treat underbites, they are no longer the only recourse patients have. In recent years, Invisalign clear aligners have been used increasingly often to treat underjets. In just about all but extreme cases, Invisalign aligners can be used to resolve underbites successfully.

Invisalign treatment for an underbite starts with a consultation with an Invisalign orthodontist. Your healthcare provider will take images of your teeth and develop a personalized Invisalign treatment plan that will produce the best results possible.

While every Invisalign treatment is custom-made, each plan requires patients to wear Invisalign aligners to reposition their teeth. Every few weeks, you’ll receive new aligners. With each successive set of clear aligners, your teeth will be gently moved closer to proper position.

Invisalign treatment for an underbite generally takes as long as a comparable treatment involving traditional braces.

Kick Start Your Invisalign Treatment with Us Today

If you have an underbite and you’re concerned about the potential consequences it may cause, there’s no reason to postpone treatment for your condition. Clearsmile Orthodontics treats an array of malocclusion issues using Invisalign clear aligners every day, including underjets. We’ll be happy to create a custom treatment plan for your underbite so you can enjoy your best smile every time you look in the mirror.

Don’t wait any longer! Kick start your journey toward an improved smile by contacting Clearsmile Orthodontics to schedule a consultation today.