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Three Things to Consider Before Purchasing Invisalign for Your Child

When people decide to have children, they do so with at least a cursory understanding of the financial commitments that come along with kids. Day care is the first major expense, but a lot of families also start saving at an early age for college. In between those two major life events, however, comes the possibility of orthodontics, as many children can face crooked and/or crammed teeth that only braces or Invisalign clear aligners can correct.

Knowing what a major investment these braces can be, however, it is important for parents to head into the process not only with a good understanding of what they’re getting themselves into financially, but also in terms of what may work best for their child. The end result is a beautiful, smile, but the process of working toward that result is something worth considering.

If you are a parent considering purchasing Invisalign for your child, Clearsmile Orthodontics recommends the following considerations before taking the plunge:

How Much Will Insurance Cover?

If you are seriously considering Invisalign, the first thing you should do is call your insurance company to get a sense of how much they may cover. Certain plans do provide for orthodontics, so if you have orthodontic insurance, Invisalign clear aligners should be covered in the same way that traditional braces are covered. The cost of the service depends greatly on the severity of the need, but it can help families budget if they know what may come out-of-pocket ahead of time.

Does Their Lifestyle Make Invisalign the Wiser Choice?

One major advantage of Invisalign is its smooth exterior and general comfort, which makes life easier and safer for students who are involved in sports. Traditional braces can be dangerous for students in sports like football, volleyball, soccer, and basketball, as one stray ball or inerrant contact with another athlete can catch on the implements and injure the cheek and lips. Invisalign does not present those same risks, which is why we often recommend the parents of athletes and more active children at least consider an option that will better protect the insides of their mouths.

Of course, even after considering each of these things, parents may still have some questions, and if that is the case we encourage you to reach out to someone here at Clearsmile Orthodontics so we can respond to any confusion you may have. Invisalign can be great for teens, but if you want to be absolutely sure, perhaps consulting with an Invisalign orthodontist beforehand is a good idea.