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Three Reasons Invisalign Is a Great Option for Adults

When it comes to getting braces, many people assume that the overwhelming majority of those who get them are teenagers. While that may be true to a certain extent, it doesn’t mean people can’t opt for straighter teeth long after their adolescent years have come and gone. After all, getting braces at age of 40 means the adult can enjoy straighter teeth for four or five more decades, which is half of their life all over again.

Here at Clearsmile Orthodontics, we love treating adults with Invisalign, and the following reasons illustrate why Invisalign for adults is such an ideal orthodontic option for so many people.

#1 Invisalign is Less Noticeable

One of the main reasons that adults don’t often get braces is because they fear the stigma that comes from having a mouth full of metal. That’s a look typically reserved for junior high and high school kids, so to be an adult with shiny, traditional braces is not most people’s idea of a good time. What makes Invisalign different is that most people have no idea you’re even wearing the appliance, so you can live your mature, adult life without any fear that people will notice your braces. Those precious moments in life caught on photos now have no evidence of braces.

#2 They Require Fewer Appointments

Adults are busy. It’s as simple as that, and finding time to work orthodontist appointments into a schedule that also already includes loads of work commitments, travel, and perhaps even driving around children to various activities can be challenging. Thankfully, Invisalign is a product that doesn’t require the same sort of monthly visits that traditional braces do, so adults opting to get fitted for this dental appliance can do so knowing that it’s not going to crush them in terms of time commitments. You’ll still need to visit your orthodontist, but it’s nowhere near as time-intensive as regular braces.

#3 It Can Be Done in One Year

People that got braces as kids easily can tell stories about how long they had those metal brackets attached to their teeth. Sometimes, braces can take three years to do their job completely, and nobody wants to live with that discomfort for that long. Not only are Invisalign braces more comfortable in the first place, they also don’t have to be inside a patient’s mouth for anywhere near as long as traditional braces. In fact, here at Clearsmile Orthodontics, we often have patients finish their treatment in much less than a year with the straight, gorgeous teeth they always wanted. In fact, some simple cases complete treat in just a few months. Why not straighten your teeth more quickly and more comfortably?

Contact Clearsmile Orthodontics

If you are an adult interested in getting fit for Invisalign, give Dr. Webb a call here at Clearsmile Orthodontics so we can get you into our building for a free consultation. It doesn’t cost anything to have that initial exam and find out if this option will work best for you, so make your appointment today and start enjoying the benefits of having straighter teeth—even if you haven’t been a teenager for decades!