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The Health Benefits of Invisalign

If you research Invisalign pros and cons, you’ll quickly see that there are plenty of benefits to the treatment and very few, if any, downsides. One of the many reasons so many teens and adults opt for Invisalign is that the treatment does more than yield an improved smile. It also provides some laudable health benefits.

Improved Self-Confidence

People who are dissatisfied with their smile are susceptible to having low self-confidence. The goal of Invisalign treatment is to transform a patient’s current smile into their very best smile. Throughout your treatment, you’ll see improvements in your smile as you move from one set of clear aligners to the next one.

Every set of aligners will move your teeth closer to proper position gently. The further you are into your treatment, the better and more obvious your results will be. As your smile improves, your self-confidence will increase in kind.

Weight Loss

While some people may tell you that the “Invisalign Diet” is the stuff of urban legend, it’s a real phenomenon for a lot of people who undergo Invisalign treatment. As an Invisalign patient, you’ll have to wear your clear aligners for at least 20 hours per day, although 22 hours is preferable. When your aligners are in your mouth, you should refrain from eating or drinking anything other than water.

When it’s time to eat or you want to drink something besides water, you’ll need to remove your Invisalign aligners. Before you put your aligners back in, you’ll need to clean them. Whether they want to maximize the amount of time they wear their aligners or they simply don’t want to have to clean them more than necessary, many patients find they don’t snack as often and they avoid sugary or acidic beverages that are loaded with calories. As a result, they lose weight during their Invisalign treatment.

Healthier Teeth and Gums

Invisalign isn’t just a wise choice for teeth straightening. It’s also a great option for people who want healthier teeth and gums. When your teeth aren’t in proper position, it’s easier for food and bacteria to get trapped between them. If that happens, it can lead to cavities and more serious problems, such as gum disease.

Just like you’ll need to clean your aligners before you put them back into your mouth, you’ll also need to brush and floss your teeth. If you don’t already do those things after you eat or drink, your Invisalign treatment can help you attain healthier teeth and gums by motivating you to adopt better oral hygiene habits in addition to straightening your teeth.

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