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Get Free Teeth Whitening with Invisalign Treatment

More and more patients are choosing Invisalign to straighten their teeth and correct bites for a subtle yet effective treatment. However, some of these patients tend to forget another dental issue that affects the beauty of the smile—staining.

For that reason, it’s important to get teeth whitening with Invisalign for the best results. At ClearSmile NC, you can look and feel your best as you receive FREE teeth whitening treatment together with Invisalign!

That’s right! You don’t have to worry about stained teeth anymore. You can get a bright smile as well when you undergo Invisalign teeth straightening treatment at ClearSmile NC.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear teeth aligner that is nearly invisible when worn. The trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic that gently moves teeth into place over time. Because they are practically undetectable, many people choose Invisalign over metal braces.

Invisalign is also removable, so you can take them out to eat, brush, and floss as usual. This makes Invisalign much more convenient teeth straightening option for busy adults.

What Causes Teeth to Stain?

#1 – Foods and Drinks

Coffee, tea, red wine, and dark-colored fruits and vegetables can all cause teeth staining. These dark-colored fruits and veggies include blueberries, blackberries, and beets.

Curry, soy sauce, and tomato-based sauces can also cause teeth staining. If you consume these foods and drinks regularly, you may notice your teeth starting to yellow over time.

#2 – Smoking

Smoking is one of the leading causes of teeth staining. The nicotine and tar in cigarettes and cigars can cause teeth to turn yellow, brown, or even black. If you smoke regularly, you may notice your teeth starting to discolor within a few months.

#3 – Poor Oral Hygiene

If you don’t brush and floss regularly, plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth. This can cause teeth staining, as well as other dental issues like gum disease.

If you want straighter teeth for better oral health, you might as well get teeth whitening with Invisalign.

#4 – Diseases & Conditions

Certain diseases and conditions prevent the normal development of tooth enamel, which is the white, outer layer of teeth. These diseases can also affect dentin development that causes teeth to look discolored.

#5 – Medications & Treatments

There are some medications and treatments can cause teeth staining. These include some antibiotics, antipsychotic drugs, blood pressure medications, and chemotherapy.

If you are undergoing certain medications, it can affect how bright or white your teeth look. You can always speak with your dentist before starting a new medication to see if it will affect your teeth.

#6 – Aging

As you age, the outer layer of teeth enamel starts to wear away. This exposes the inner layer of dentin, which is yellow or brown in color. You may also notice that your teeth become more translucent as you age. All of these factors can cause teeth to look less white.

Teeth whitening with Invisalign can help address the issue of teeth staining in adults.

#7 – Genetics

Some people have yellow teeth from birth. This is due to the genes they inherit from their parents. If your parents or grandparents have yellow teeth, there are chances you will have yellow teeth as well.

#8 – Environment

If you live in an area with hard water, your teeth may become stained. Hard water contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. These minerals can build up on teeth and cause them to become yellow or brown.

If you live in an area with high levels of fluoride levels in the water, it may also result in teeth staining. Fluoride is a mineral that helps to prevent cavities, but too much fluoride can cause teeth discoloration.

Why Get Teeth Whitening with Invisalign?

Teeth Whitening with Invisalign

It is a great option to undergo teeth whitening treatments while and after you are undergoing Invisalign treatment. It augments the look of straight teeth and gives you a bright and healthy smile like never before.

At ClearSmile NC, we want our patients to look and feel their best. This is why we offer FREE teeth whitening sessions to all our Invisalign patients!

Our orthodontists deliver the best teeth straightening results in North Carolina. We have three offices at South Blvd H and Rea Rd. Space D in Charlotte, and Birkdale Commons Parkway Suite D410 in Huntersville.

Get your FREE teeth whitening procedures with Invisalign at $1500 off from ClearSmile NC today! Contact us to schedule your consultation.