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Playing Sports While Wearing Invisalign

Are you interested in improving the appearance of your smile? If so, you have two options to choose from, traditional metal braces and Invisalign treatment. Correcting an imperfect smile is a good idea for more than “just” aesthetic reasons. When teeth are properly aligned it can reduce your chances of experiencing tooth decay, cavities and periodontal disease.

While metal braces and Invisalign can help you avoid those things while improving your smile, athletes may wonder which option is best for them. Once you’re familiar with Invisalign treatment, you’ll quickly understand why Invisalign is often the option that’s preferable to athletes, particularly those who play contact sports like football, lacrosse or hockey.

Reasons Why Athletes Typically Choose Invisalign

When you visit an orthodontist, you need to let your healthcare provider know if you play sports and which activities you engage in. When you do, your orthodontist will explain why you may want to opt for Invisalign.

Mouth Guards

If you play contact sports, it’s likely that you’re required to wear a mouth guard. People with braces usually have to have custom mouth pieces made because the standard ones provided by their school or league can’t fit over their metal braces. Custom mouth guards can be expensive, especially if you’ll need several to make it through one season.

You don’t have to worry about getting custom mouth pieces if you have Invisalign clear aligners instead of metal braces. When it’s time for a game or practice, you can simply remove your aligners and protect your mouth with a standard mouth guard. Just be sure you stow your aligners in the tray your orthodontist will give you and put them back on when your game or practice is over.

No Emergency Visits

When you play sports with metal braces, there’s always a chance your braces will suffer damage even if you’re not engaged in a full-contact sport. If a basketball hits you in the face, for example, your braces may be damaged, which will require you to make an emergency visit to your orthodontist.

Because you’ll remove your Invisalign aligners before you play sports, you needn’t worry about them getting damaged. This also means you’ll be able to avoid running to your orthodontist if you inadvertently get hit in the mouth area while you’re playing a sport.

Increased Confidence

People who engage in non-contact sports like cycling often elect to leave their Invisalign clear aligners in their mouths while they compete or train. While some athletes wearing traditional braces may hesitate to share their smile after making a great play, athletes with Invisalign don’t have the same inhibitions. Even if you leave your aligners in while you compete, they’ll barely be visible to onlookers, if they can be seen at all.

Make the Right Choice: Choose Clearsmile Orthodontics

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