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How to Know If You Need Braces

The best way to know if you need braces or Invisalign® is to see an orthodontist. Your regular dentist may refer you for a consult. You may also just be dissatisfied with your smile. If you are curious whether braces can help correct your tooth alignment, make an appointment to see an orthodontist.

Your Initial Consultation — What to Expect

Clearsmile NC offers a complimentary initial consultation. This is not a high-pressure sales gimmick. It is a full-service orthodontic assessment that will let you know if you need braces. FREE. The reasoning behind this offer is because an orthodontist can’t determine if you need braces without an examination.

Begin the process by scheduling your appointment. Once you arrive at our office, one of our doctors will perform an oral examination. If necessary, we’ll get some X-rays and images of your teeth. We will conduct a complete assessment of your smile, including tooth alignment and jaw structure.

Because we understand that making a commitment to Invisalign or braces is a huge step, we want you to know all the facts. After your examination, a recommendation for treatment may follow. This will include the type of treatment, duration, cost, and everything else you need to know to make an informed decision.

Now You Know if You Need Braces

Although not everyone that sees an orthodontist will need braces, exploring your options include knowing what is available. While traditional braces are the industry mainstay, Invisalign is often the preferred treatment method. This discreet system allows patients to straighten their teeth almost in secret.


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Clearsmile NC is a certified, Diamond+ Invisalign provider. This means that they are experts in the application of Invisalign treatment. Useful for correcting most alignment problems from minor to complex, Invisalign is affordable and reliable.

Braces or Invisalign? Choices, Choices, Choices

Braces work using tension to move teeth. The orthodontist affixes small metal or ceramic brackets to your teeth. An archwire threads through the brackets. Tightening the wire creates tension which creates the force that helps teeth shift into a more proper alignment.

Invisalign does not use brackets or wires. Rather than applied tension, Invisalign works by exerting a gentle, constant pressure to move teeth. Using almost invisible tray aligners, the applied pressure gently shifts teeth over a period of time.

Patients using Invisalign wear the trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. The trays are in sequenced sets. Every two weeks, you will shift to the next set in the sequence. With each graduating set, your teeth are shifted a little more until they are fully aligned.

Clearsmile NC Is a Diamond+ Invisalign Provider

You can begin right now with a Virtual Smile Assessment without even leaving your home! Whether you already  know you need braces or not, having a complimentary consultation with Clearsmile NC is a good idea. You can book an appointment using our Appointment Widget or call our offices at:

South End: (980) 299-3274
Blakeney/Ballantyne: (980) 498-0819

We also maintain a 24/7 live chat feature for your convenience and to answer quick questions.

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