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Is Invisalign Actually Invisible?

Many people dread hearing their dentist or orthodontist suggest they need braces. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult the result is generally the same—images of metal and rubber bands announcing to the world that you’re trying to improve your smile start creeping into your thoughts. When you’re told you won’t be able to eat some of your favorite foods, such as pizza crust, hard bread and orange snacks like Cheetos, the images running through your head can become even more depressing…quickly.

Luckily, Invisalign is now widely available as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Invisalign treatment doesn’t require you to give up any foods like you’d normally have to with conventional braces. In addition to being less restrictive, Invisalign is also more discreet.

About Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is more discreet because the treatment employs clear aligners to gradually reposition teeth over time. The aligners used for Invisalign are made with a patented material known as SmartTrack. This flexible plastic material is clear, making it hard for onlookers to see, if they notice it at all.

Clear vs Invisible 

Again—Invisalign aligners are made with a clear material. A clear or transparent plastic isn’t the same as an invisible substance, however. While Invisalign clear aligners are generally hard to detect, other people may notice them because they aren’t invisible.

When you think about it, it would be impossible for Invisalign aligners to be invisible. If they were, how would you be able to locate and use them?

What May Cause People to Notice Your Invisalign Aligners

While Invisalign clear aligners may go undetected by onlookers in most instances, there are some conditions that can make the aligners noticeable. If you’re standing in direct sunlight or a brightly lit room, the light may reflect off the plastic your aligners are constructed with, making them more obvious than they’d be otherwise.

When you contact Clearsmile Orthodontics, we’ll explain that spacing is one of the conditions Invisalign is often used to treat. If you have gaps between your teeth, your Invisalign clear aligners may trap bits of food or saliva in those gaps. If either of those things happens, people may notice your aligners.

Although patients typically have to wear their Invisalign aligners 20-22 hours per day, it’s advisable to remove them when you eat or drink anything other than water. If you don’t remove them when you eat or drink, your aligners may get stained. When Invisalign clear aligners are discolored, the staining will make them more visible to others.

Depending on your custom Invisalign treatment plan, you may need to use the aligners with some other items, such as attachments or buttons. While your Invisalign aligners will be transparent, these “add-ons” won’t be. If your treatment involves attachments or buttons, they may make your orthodontic treatment more obvious.

Contact Clearsmile Orthodontics

If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign clear aligners or Invisalign treatment in general, we encourage you to contact Clearsmile Orthodontics. We look forward to answering any questions you might have about Invisalign and helping you decide whether the treatment is a fit for you.