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Invisalign FAQ

People who are just starting to investigate the options that are available to them to improve their smile often come across two topics—Invisalign treatment and metal braces. If usually doesn’t take long for them to realize that Invisalign is preferable in most cases. While that’s true, they often have questions about Invisalign. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the questions we’re asked most often at Clearsmile Orthodontics.

What exactly is Invisalign treatment?

Although every Invisalign treatment is custom made, every treatment plan involves the use of a series of Invisalign clear aligners to slowly move teeth into proper position over time.

What conditions is Invisalign used to treat?

It’s not uncommon for someone to say that Invisalign is used to improve imperfect smiles. While that general description is accurate, Invisalign is used to treat the following more specific conditions:

  • Spacing
  • Overbite
  • Underbite 
  • Open bite
  • Overcrowding
  • Crossbite

How often do I have to wear my Invisalign aligners?

During your treatment, you’ll have to wear your Invisalign aligners every day. It’s recommended that patients wear their Invisalign clear aligners for a minimum of 20-22 hours daily.

How long will the treatment last?

While your custom treatment may be shorter or longer, a typical Invisalign treatment lasts between nine and 18 months.

Do I have to avoid certain foods during my treatment?

No, you can eat and drink anything you want throughout your Invisalign treatment. You’ll need to remove your aligners before you consume anything other than water, however.

Can my teen still play sports during treatment?

As you learn more about Invisalign for teens, you’ll see that kids of all ages can still play sports like football and soccer during their Invisalign treatment.

Am I allowed to chew gum or smoke while wearing my aligners?

While it’s physically possible for you to chew gum or smoke with your Invisalign aligners in your mouth, neither one is advisable. Gum—including sugarless gum—might stick to your aligners. Just like smoking can stain your teeth, it can do the same to your aligners. One of the things people enjoy most about Invisalign is that the aligners used during treatment are virtually invisible. You may lose out on that benefit if smoking stains your aligners.

How often will I get new aligners?

In general, patients will receive a new set of aligners every two weeks or so. It’s important for you to wear each set of aligners properly for the prescribed time so that they can move your teeth into position on schedule and without causing undue discomfort.

What happens if I lose my aligners?

If you lose a set of aligners and you’re a patient of ours, it’s vital for you to contact Clearsmile Orthodontics as soon as possible. We’ll review your treatment status and determine whether you should advance to your next set of aligners or revert back to the set you were using previously. Alternatively, we may order a replacement set of aligners for you.

Contact Us with Your Invisalign Questions

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