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How Often Do You Need to See Your Orthodontist When Using Invisalign?

While some people obsess about the way they’ll look and complain about the dietary restrictions they’ll have to follow when they get metal braces, others find the idea of getting traditional braces off-putting for another reason. In many cases, that reason is the frequency with which they’ll need to visit their orthodontist.

Let’s face it—no matter how much you may like your orthodontist, it doesn’t mean you want to make office visits any more often than you have to. If you want an orthodontic treatment that yields results that are at least as pleasing as those produced by conventional braces but don’t want to be a too frequent visitor at your doctor’s office, Invisalign just might be the treatment for you.

When to See Your Invisalign Orthodontist

If you want to undergo Invisalign treatment, you should know that your treatment will start with an initial consultation. During this consultation, your Invisalign orthodontist will take images of your teeth. Your doctor will use those 3D images to create a custom treatment plan for you.

Because your Invisalign treatment will differ from other plans, the timing of your office visits may also vary. While that’s true, people undergoing Invisalign treatment typically have to visit their orthodontist every four to six weeks or so.

The point of these follow up visits is to ensure your treatment is progressing as planned. During your treatment, you’ll receive new Invisalign clear aligners every week or two. Each successive set of aligners will move your teeth that much closer to proper position. By seeing you every few weeks, your orthodontist can make sure your aligners are doing their job.

Prescribed follow up appointments aren’t necessarily the only times you’ll need to see your Invisalign orthodontist. If you lose a set of your clear aligners, you may have to see your doctor in between follow ups so your orthodontist can determine whether you need a replacement set or you’re ready to move onto the next set of invisible trays.

You may also want to see your orthodontist if you’re concerned about not seeing results from your Invisalign treatment. Although some patients see results within weeks of starting their treatment, others may not see noticeable results for a few months. If you’ve been wearing your aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours per day for several months and have yet to see results, you might want to schedule an appointment with your orthodontist to ensure your treatment is still on track to produce the desired results.

Schedule an Invisalign Consultation with Clearsmile Orthodontics

If you’re ready to get started with Invisalign, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. To learn more about what a consultation entails, read our “cheat sheet.” As you’ll see, a consultation involves taking images of your teeth, a discussion of your proposed treatment plan and a conversation about insurance and payment options. It’s also a chance for you to get to know our Invisalign specialist Dr. Colin Webb.

Get in touch with Clearsmile Orthodontics to schedule a consultation for achieving your best smile now!