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Foods & Drinks to Avoid with Invisalign

Although there are no hard and fast dietary restrictions, there are foods & drinks to avoid with Invisalign. Because you remove the alignment trays for most eating and drinking, that usually doesn’t play a role in overall treatment. However, what you eat and drink can cause other problems, and we will address that here.

Protecting Your Investment in Invisalign

Invisalign treatment is an investment. The entire treatment plan can cost thousands of dollars. With that in mind, even though there is not a long list of foods to avoid during Invisalign treatment, there are some items you should limit or avoid.

First, the general care instructions for your Invisalign tray aligners:

  • Keep them clean — brush and floss after all meals and beverages
  • Avoid scratching them — use the supplied case to store your trays while eating
  • Don’t play with your tray liners — avoid exploring them with your tongue or popping them in and out
  • Always remove trays to eat or drink anything other than water
  • Brush before reinserting your aligners — don’t skip this step
  • Don’t switch tray sets early — you can’t rush the treatment

Even though you can remove your tray aligners to eat and drink, there are still some foods & drinks to avoid with Invisalign.

Foods & Drinks to Avoid with Invisalign

While your aligners are out, you can still damage your teeth. Among foods and drinks that can cause damage, we recommend avoiding (or limiting):

  1. Spicy foods — These are often paired with acidic foods like tomatoes that can damage teeth.
  2. Extremely cold foods — We all love ice cream, but frozen treats can cause sensitivity issues. Icy treats can also crack teeth if chewed.
  3. Coffee (including tea and other darker beverages) — These can stain your teeth and trays. Hot beverages may also cause the trays to soften and warp.
  4. Soda (including non-sugar sodas) and fruit juices — These items often contain sugar and acids, both of which can damage your teeth.
  5. Hard foods — Because your teeth are in the process of shifting during treatment, hard foods may cause them to move while chewing.

Please practice good oral hygiene and brush and floors before re-inserting your alignment trays. Smoking while wearing your aligners will stain them. Chewing tobacco should also be avoided. Water is the healthiest thing to drink during Invisalign treatment. You can drink water with your aligners in place throughout the day without worry.

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