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Choosing Between Invisalign and Traditional Metal Braces

If you or your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, there are two options for getting their smile all straightened out: Invisalign clear aligners or traditional metal braces.

Before choosing one or the other, it is important to note that both ultimately lead to the same result: straighter teeth and a healthier smile. They look quite different, but both options need to worn all day long (though Invisalign can come out during meals), and both require special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the aligners and the teeth.

Despite that, there are some important difference between the two that could help our patients (and, in many cases, their parents) make the best decision based on their orthodontic needs.

Choosing Invisalign

The Benefits to Invisalign

Some of the most important benefits to using Invisalign rather than traditional braces include:

  • Invisalign aligners are clear, which means they also are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces.
  • Invisalign aligners are removable, which means there are no restrictions in terms of the foods that patients can eat.
  • Invisalign aligners don’t take up as much space in the mouth, which means they are more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • In most cases, the two options are often similar in price, which means these benefits don’t have to be more expensive.
  • The process often takes less time than traditional braces, and they require fewer trips to the orthodontist.

The Challenges Associated with Invisalign

There are a few challenges that come with Invisalign aligners, including:

  • The clear trays can stain if they are not removed before eating or if they are cleaned with anything other than recommended cleaning materials.
  • Drinking sugary drinks with the aligners can increase the potential for cavities.
  • Invisalign aligners must be changed weekly.

Choosing Traditional Braces

The Benefits to Braces

There are some clear benefits to choosing traditional braces, including:

  • Braces close gaps and align teeth very quickly.
  • In very rare cases, Braces may be required for correction of severe problems that would be too hard to accomplish or take too long with Invisalign.
  • Braces are not as conspicuous and uncomfortable as they used to be. New types of wires and brackets are nowhere near as noticeable as they used to be.
  • Many younger patients like the potential for customization that comes with the colorful elastics that orthodontists use with their patients.

The Challenges Associated with Braces

There are a few obvious challenges with traditional braces, including:

  • Metal braces are not the most esthetic orthodontic option
  • Flossing and brushing are more challenging because the they have to be done around the brackets and wires. It can be easy to miss some areas.
  • There are certain dietary/food restrictions.
  • Mouth guards often are necessary for patients who participate in sports because the brackets can cut the inside of the mouth in certain types of impact sports.

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Taking all of this into consideration, if you are interested in Invisalign treatment as your orthodontic method of choice, the experts at Clearsmile Orthodontics are happy to help. Please give our office a call any time to set up an Invisalign consultation so we can determine the best option for you!