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Celebrities with Invisalign

While not all celebrities with Invisalign® admit to using it to fix dental anomalies, it has been widely used in Hollywood. Among the celebs with missing gaps are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Lovato, and Jack Black. We’re not sure they all used Invisalign, but we explored some great smiles during our celebrity hunt!

Why Celebrities Choose Invisalign

Celebrities opt for Invisalign® treatment because it is a nearly invisible way to correct minor imperfections. Whether it is a slight gap between teeth or a few slightly crooked teeth, using Invisalign® can discretely correct a smile while the celeb goes about their normal routine. So, basically, celebrities opt for Invisalign® treatment for the exact same reasons as everyone else.

When Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame was asked early in her career about who did her dental work, she replied that her smile was all-natural. Co-workers on the set were jealous of her pearly whites because they had apparently been paying gobs for their smiles. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with an awesome smile.

With Invisalign®, a perfectly aligned smile is within the grasp of anyone from celebrities to normal high schoolers. Although some celebrities opt to keep a gap-toothed smile and consider it a part of their trademark, or branding, many opt to correct minor imperfections in their grin.

Some famous gaps belong to Michael Strahan of Good Morning America and Eddie Murphy, who has too many movies to list here. Other celebrities have opted to close gaps in their smile for a more polished look. Although many famous people don’t mention how they achieved their perfect smiles, many have used Invisalign®.

Celebrities Not Shy About Invisalign

Although some celebrities are reluctant to discuss how they got their perfect grins, many have chronicled their treatment on Instagram and other social media.

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber made it huge as a young teen. Even with the success, he was dissatisfied with his smile. While using Invisalign®, the young star frequently discussed his treatment, even showing his alignment trays during a YouTube video he recorded for his fans.


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Actress Katherine Heigl used Invisalign® in 2007 before her wedding. She is reportedly very happy with the results and refers to Invisalign® as “Netflix for your teeth.”

Tennis champion Serena Williams displays an award-winning smile, but it wasn’t always so perfect. Williams used Invisalign® as a teen. Although she was rising in the ranks of tennis, most people don’t remember those early days. But the world all recognizes her smile now!

Some other famous smiles you may know that have used Invisalign:

  • Actor Zac Efron
  • R&B singer Christina Milian
  • Singer Katy Perry
  • Reality TV stars Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner
  • Actress Anna Kendrick
  • Singer-actress Zendaya Coleman
  • Talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey
  • Actress Eva Longoria
  • Supermodel Gisele Bundchen
  • Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton

We could probably go on, but you get a general idea. Some celebs had more extensive misalignments, such as Tom Cruise. Although we see his perfect smile on the big screen, it wasn’t always like that. Cruise’s orthodontist used a combination of ceramic brackets, then Invisalign® to perfect the iconic grin we know now.

Want a Celebrity Smile of Your Own?

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