Keeping Invisalign Invisible

If you’re just now familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons of Invisalign, you’re in for a treat. As you learn about Invisalign, you’ll see that the treatment is highly effective for teeth straightening and fixing an array of common orthodontic issues, such as overbites, spacing and crossbites. To see how effective Invisalign is, look through our patient gallery now! You’ll also notice that the only downside to the treatment is that some people experience mild discomfort in the first day or two after they start wearing a new set of clear aligners. Luckily, that pain quickly dissipates on its own or it can be minimized with some over the counter medicine like Tylenol in most cases. […]

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Invisalign Made Easy: What to Put in an Invisalign Care Kit

People who are researching Invisalign vs traditional braces clearly have an interest in caring for their teeth. While that’s great, simply undergoing orthodontic treatment isn’t enough to get the best results. You need to be an active participant in your treatment to get the results you’re hoping for. For example, you’ll need to visit your dentist or orthodontist regularly throughout your treatment. If you undergo Invisalign treatment, you’ll also need to care for your teeth and your clear aligners for however long you use them. […]

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Common Teeth Problems Invisalign Can Fix

If you type Invisalign vs braces into a search box or ask Alexa or Siri to come up with a comparison of Invisalign vs metal braces, you might be surprised by the results you get. While few people are shocked to learn that Invisalign is often the superior choice for teeth straightening among teens and adults, a lot of individuals are stunned by the number of problems Invisalign can be used to treat. Available since the late 1990s, Invisalign has emerged as the world’s most sophisticated clear aligner system for teeth straightening. Since its inception, Invisalign has improved millions of smiles throughout the world. […]

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Celebrities Who Have Used Invisalign

Let’s start by pointing out what we hope is already obvious – every smile is beautiful! Even smiles that aren’t perfect still light up a room when they’re flashed for all to see. While that’s the case, there may be something you can do to make your smile shine that much brighter. And that’s to undergo Invisalign treatment for teeth straightening with Clearsmile Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC. […]

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Keeping Teeth Straight After Invisalign

Where do you land in the Invisalign vs metal braces debate? If you’re like many, you’d prefer to go about teeth straightening in the subtle way Invisalign allows rather than walking around with a mouth full of shiny metal that’s visible for the world to see. […]

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The Health Benefits of Invisalign

If you research Invisalign pros and cons, you’ll quickly see that there are plenty of benefits to the treatment and very few, if any, downsides. One of the many reasons so many teens and adults opt for Invisalign is that the treatment does more than yield an improved smile. It also provides some laudable health benefits. […]

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Invisalign for the Working Professional

Available since the late 1990s, Invisalign has straightened millions of smiles around the world since the clear aligners first hit the market. While images of teenagers often spring to mind when people think of traditional metal braces, many adults have a desire to straighten their teeth as well. Although it’s not uncommon to see a young middle or high schooler wearing braces, working adults sometimes feel that getting braces will make them seem unprofessional. If that’s a concern, you may find yourself researching how to straighten teeth without braces. Luckily, your research can come to an end now that you’ve found out about Invisalign and Clearsmile Orthodontics. […]

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Understanding Invisalign and Dental Insurance

Most people are thrilled when they learn they’re a candidate for Invisalign treatment. Compared to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is a more discreet and less intrusive method of straightening teeth and correcting a host of issues, such as teeth crowding, spacing, and underbites. Although it’s great that Invisalign is comparatively discreet and non-invasive as it relates to your lifestyle, you still have to pay to undergo Invisalign treatment. In fact, that’s really the only downside to this method of straightening teeth! While some people dread the thought of having to pay for orthodontic work because they’ve heard others discuss the cost of their own treatments, you shouldn’t let cost prevent you from undergoing Invisalign treatment. […]

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The Best Invisalign Hacks

People looking to improve their smile without having to get metal braces often ask, “How does Invisalign work?” after they hear about the treatment. Invisalign employs a series of clear aligners to gently move a patient’s teeth into proper position over time. Whereas braces can cause a person pain for weeks or longer, any discomfort caused by Invisalign aligners typically dissipates on its own within days. While Invisalign treatment is discreet and comfortable compared to traditional braces, there are still some things you can do to make your treatment even more bearable. Also known as hacks, our tips will help you enjoy your Invisalign treatment more than you might without them. […]

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Can I Finish the Invisalign Process Faster?

If you’ve researched teeth straightening online, you’ve probably noticed plenty of links to information about Invisalign in your search engine results pages. Over the past few decades, Invisalign has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. More discreet and patient-friendly than conventional braces, Invisalign is similarly effective at moving teeth into proper position over time. People who get hung up on the words “over time” often find themselves wondering, “How long does Invisalign treatment take?” With every Invisalign treatment being custom-made to suit the needs of individual patients, there is no set timeline for the treatment that applies to every patient. While that’s the case, the treatment typically lasts 12-18 months. Although 12-18 months isn’t long to achieve their best smile, some patients ask if there are things they can do to hasten their way through treatment. Luckily, there are some basic things you can do to speed up your treatment and enhance your results along the way. […]

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