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Benefits of Invisalign Other Than Your Smile

If you’ve researched Invisalign treatment as an alternative to metal braces, you’re probably already familiar with the wonderful results it can yield. While an improved smile is by far the most visible and obvious result of this type of treatment, it’s far from the only benefit you’ll smile about when your treatment wraps up.

Weight Loss with the Invisalign Diet

One of the things that many patients enjoy the most about having Invisalign clear aligners instead of metal braces is not having any dietary restrictions. With traditional braces, many people have to avoid some of their favorite foods, such as hard breads, pizza crust, and orange snacks like Cheetos and BBQ-flavored chips.

Even though people going through Invisalign treatment can eat whatever they want, many patients experience weight loss. That’s due to a phenomenon that’s often referred to as the Invisalign Diet.

During your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have to remove your Invisalign clear aligners whenever you eat or drink something other than water. Because they don’t want to deal with the minor inconvenience of removing and cleaning their aligners more than necessary, a lot of patients find they skip snacking or eating as much as they used to. This leads to weight loss that’s often attributed to the Invisalign Diet.

Better Oral Health and Sense of Well-Being

Invisalign is commonly used to treat an array or oral problems. These issues often include the following:

  • Spacing
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Open bite
  • Overcrowding
  • Crossbite

When your teeth are properly aligned, it can improve your oral health. Better oral health can improve your overall sense of well-being.

Greater Confidence

From the moment you first meet with an Invisalign specialist, you’ll know that your treatment will give you greater confidence. Every Invisalign treatment plan is custom made on a per-patient basis. Your personalized plan will be designed to yield your best smile at the end of your treatment.

You’ll enjoy greater confidence throughout your Invisalign treatment as well. Unlike metal braces which can typically be seen from a distance, Invisalign clear aligners are barely visible even when you’re talking to someone face to face. In fact, you’ll soon realize that your aligners are barely noticeable when you’re kissing your significant other.

As your treatment progresses, your teeth will move closer to proper position over time. This means that your confidence will increase that much more with every new set of aligners you wear.

Saved Time

When you compare your custom Invisalign treatment plan to treatment with braces, you’ll appreciate how much time Invisalign will save you. With conventional braces, you’ll need to visit your dentist or orthodontist often. If you go with Invisalign instead, you won’t be as frequent a visitor at your Invisalign orthodontist’s office during your treatment. You’ll simply have to visit your Invisalign orthodontist every six weeks or so.

When Dr. Webb is your Invisalign provider, he’ll guide you throughout your treatment. Thanks to his specialized training and access to attentive staff, Dr. Webb will help you achieve your best smile at the end of your treatment.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Invisalign Treatment at Clearsmile Orthodontics

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