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5 Ways a Straighter Smile Can Improve Your Teen’s Confidence

Let’s face it – being a teenager is difficult. Teens aren’t just contending with hormonal changes. They’re also dealing with pressure from friends, teachers, coaches and, of course, their parents. Dealing with these external forces can be challenging but handling the pressure they put on themselves is even more overwhelming for teenagers.

According to various studies, both girls and boys worry about their looks during their teenage years. This stress alone can lead teenaged girls to adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms and elevate the symptoms of depression in adolescent males.

While you may be eager or even anxious to help your teenagers deal with the self-imposed pressure to look “just so,” many teens won’t even talk to their parents about their insecurities much less take advice or accept assistance from them. Luckily, there’s still something you can do to help your teenagers through troubled times. And that’s to improve their self-image by arranging for them to have Invisalign treatment to correct their teeth if they have misaligned teeth or they’re unhappy with the appearance of their smile.

Increased Happiness

If you pursue Invisalign treatment for your teenager, your child will enjoy increased happiness once their treatment has run its full course. That’s because your child will smile more often because your teen won’t be embarrassed by their teeth any longer. When people smile, endorphins make their way to their brains, which stirs up positive emotions.

Improved Oral Health

Imagine being at a sleepover and having trouble getting food out from in between your teeth because they’re misaligned. Not being able to floss properly and easily can serve up a big blow to a teenager’s confidence.

Even before your child is done with their Invisalign aligners, your teen will be able to improve their oral health because your child will be able to floss with increased ease. Flossing between crooked teeth is difficult at best, while flossing straight teeth is a comparative breeze. When your teen’s oral health improves with minimal effort required, your child’s confidence will increase in kind.

Special Moments

When a teen has an improved smile, the young adult will want to show it off more often. This means Invisalign for teens can give your child the confidence to participate in special moments they might have sidestepped otherwise and increase the likelihood that your teenager will agree to have their picture taken when you attempt to capture those priceless moments.

Better Self-Image

As it is for adults, a teen’s self-image has a big influence on their self-confidence. Misaligned teeth can cause a person’s lips or chin to stick out, which can negatively affect the individual’s self-image and thus their confidence. Invisalign treatment will straighten your teen’s teeth which, in turn, will improve your child’s self-image and confidence.

Better Public Perception

Like it or not, many people judge others based on appearances alone. Research shows that people will form opinions about another individual’s health consciousness, attractiveness and success by looking at their teeth, among other things.

When you use Invisalign treatment to straighten your teenagers’ teeth, the odds are good that they’ll be perceived more favorably by their peers and others. This improved public perception can increase your kids’ confidence.

Bring Your Kids to Clearsmile Orthodontics

If you want to learn more about Invisalign for teens, we encourage you to look through our frequently asked questions. As you’ll see, Invisalign treatment works the same regardless of a person’s age. If you’ve undergone this treatment yourself, you can tell your teenager that he or she will have a similar experience even though your child will have a custom-made treatment plan that’s tailored to their specific needs.

If want to start your teens on Invisalign, make an appointment to bring them into Clearsmile Orthodontics now!