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5 Reasons Invisalign Is So Popular Today

If you have an imperfect smile for any reason, you might research treatments to straighten your teeth. In recent years, patients have been turning to Invisalign rather than traditional metal braces to fix their imperfect smiles. Like conventional metal braces, Invisalign aligners can be used to address a variety of conditions, such as overbites, underbites and gaps, to name a few.


Seeing Final Results Before Treatment Even Begins

There are several reasons why Invisalign for teens and Invisalign for adults have become so popular in recent years. One of the leading reasons Invisalign treatment has become so sought-after is that patients can see the results of their treatment before it even begins.

Your Invisalign orthodontist will use special technology to create a custom treatment plan for you. As a result, your orthodontist will be able to share images of what your teeth will look like post-treatment. When you’ve lived your whole life with crooked teeth, it can be hard to imagine what a perfect smile will look like. Having a preview of your final results will make you look forward to your treatment rather dreading it.

Invisalign Treatment Is Discreet

Unlike traditional metal braces that can often be seen from a considerable distance, Invisalign clear aligners are more discreet. In fact, many onlookers won’t even notice your aligners unless they’re standing quite close to you, if they notice them at all.

No Dietary Restrictions

Patients who have conventional metal braces typically have to restrict their diet and avoid certain foods, such as pizza crust, orange foodstuff, and hard bread. With Invisalign treatment, you can eat whatever you want, including pizza, barbecue chips and popcorn. The only thing you’ll have to do is remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything other than water.

Fewer Office Visits

People with traditional braces often have to visit their orthodontist every three or four weeks. If you opt for Invisalign treatment instead, you won’t have to visit your Invisalign dentist or orthodontist as often. In fact, you may only have to visit your Invisalign-trained orthodontist or dentist every six to eight weeks or so.

Less Pain

The wire brackets used with conventional braces often cause a person to experience gum, tongue and inner cheek irritation. While this irritation will typically subside as time passes, it can easily occur after every appointment during which your braces are adjusted.

While your initial set of Invisalign aligners may cause some discomfort, it usually doesn’t last more than a day or two. In general, any discomfort you experience will go away on its own once you get used to your clear aligners.

See Why Invisalign Treatment Is So Popular for Yourself at Clearsmile Orthodontics

If you want to see why Invisalign treatment is such a popular choice to treat a wide array of orthodontic conditions like crossbites and overly crowded teeth, we invite you to learn more about the treatment at Clearsmile Orthodontics. When you do, you’ll quickly understand why so many teens and adults seek out Invisalign treatment.

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