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5 Reasons Invisalign Is a Great Choice for Athletic Teens

Are you raising a teenager who plays sports competitively? If so, you probably take great pride in watching your child compete. It doesn’t matter if your teen scores the winning goal, makes an awe-inspiring defensive play or warms the bench. Having a teenager who plays sports is rewarding for parents and their kids no matter what.

Just like you take pride in having a child who plays sports, you want your teens to be proud of their smile. That can be difficult for some kids, particularly those who have a smile that’s less than perfect. Today, treating a crooked smile for athletic teens is often different than treating one for kids who don’t play sports. This is especially true for teenagers who play contact sports like football or hockey.

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How Does Invisalign for Teens Differ from Invisalign for Adults

There are plenty of things that can chip away at your self-confidence, but many of them will go away with time. A bad haircut will grow out, for example. Acne will clear up. Those extra pounds will fade away with some dietary changes and exercise.

While you can control certain things like where and how your hair is cut and what you eat, some things are beyond your control. The position of your teeth is one thing you can’t control on your own. Unfortunately, a misaligned smile is a source of discomfort for too many people and it can negatively influence their self-esteem.

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Treating Gap Teeth with Invisalign

It’s common knowledge that smiling provides some meaningful benefits. Smiling can alleviate stress and improve your mood, for example. If you’re unhappy with your smile, you may be missing out on those benefits. In fact, your smile may be a source of stress rather than stress relief. Just as alarmingly, your smile may negatively impact your self-esteem as well as your self-confidence. If you work with people face-to-face, your smile may have an undesired influence on your career, too.

There’s no reason for you not to enjoy the benefits of smiling. And there’s certainly no reason for your smile – perfect, imperfect or otherwise – to negatively influence any aspect of your life. Thanks to Invisalign, there’s now a way to fix a smile you’re unhappy with in a non-invasive way that’s not overly obvious to onlookers.

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5 Things Parents Should Know About Invisalign

The odds are good you won’t have to travel too far to see a teenager taking a selfie these days. Whether they’re taking a picture of just themselves or they’re snapping a pic filled with friends, most teenagers are near-obsessed with selfies of all sorts. It’s not just taking as many pics as possible that interests most teenagers. Many of them are concerned with how they look in their selfies.

In today’s digital society, it’s perfectly normal for teens to take selfies at every opportunity. It’s equally natural for teenagers to worry about their appearance. A problem may arise when you realize that your child isn’t taking selfies or looking at the ones they do take because they’re insecure, however. If either of those things happens, it’s vital that you figure out why.

One common reason that some teens are reluctant to take selfies or look at the pictures they’re in is a crooked smile. While an imperfect smile might be a source of embarrassment for some teens, it needn’t be a permanent problem. Invisalign Teen can give your teen a smile that will be a source of pride instead of humiliation.

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How Are Invisalign Clear Aligners Made?

For some people, hiding their smile is a way of life. When they do smile, those individuals often do everything they can to ensure their lips stay together so their teeth remain unexposed.

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, it’s a tough choice. Do you continue to hide your smile or should you talk to your dentist about treatment options to fix your crooked teeth? If you go the latter route, you may already be dreading the inevitable referral to an orthodontist and the subsequent metal braces you’re sure to get.

Rather than dreading what’s to come, you should look forward to meeting with an Invisalign-approved orthodontist or dentist. Invisalign for adults and teens has transformed the way trained medical professionals are able to “correct” imperfect smiles without the invasiveness, obviousness or inconvenience of traditional braces.

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