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Choosing Between Invisalign and Traditional Metal Braces

If you or your child has crooked or misaligned teeth, there are two options for getting their smile all straightened out: Invisalign clear aligners or traditional metal braces.

Before choosing one or the other, it is important to note that both ultimately lead to the same result: straighter teeth and a healthier smile. They look quite different, but both options need to worn all day long (though Invisalign can come out during meals), and both require special care when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the aligners and the teeth. Continue reading “Choosing Between Invisalign and Traditional Metal Braces”

Five Invisalign Tips Every Patient Should Know

Making the decision to use Invisalign aligners is important for any orthodontic patient in search of a straighter smile and more comfortable bite, but deciding to get Invisalign is not the end of the experience. There are a few things every Invisalign patient should know once they take home their aligners for the first time. Yes, they will straighten your teeth, but they’ll only do their job if they are handled the right way. Continue reading “Five Invisalign Tips Every Patient Should Know”

Your Guide to Wearing a Retainer

Because braces and Invisalign require a significant financial investment, and because the end results typically look so fantastic, it doesn’t take much to motivate people to wear their Invisalign trays as often as they should. Most of our patients here at Clearsmile Orthodontics desire a straighter, more aesthetically-pleasing smile, and they understand that wearing the trays is essential for that. Continue reading “Your Guide to Wearing a Retainer”

Can Seniors Get Invisalign?

The word “senior” can mean one of two things here at Clearsmile Orthodontics. It is one of those versatile words that can mean either, “senior in high school,” or it can mean, “senior citizen.” In either context, the question as to whether Invisalign for adults is appropriate for someone of a certain age, the answer is always a resounding, “yes.” Continue reading “Can Seniors Get Invisalign?”