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About Invisalign Treatment

About Invisalign Treatment

At Clearsmile Orthodontics we enjoy the experience of working with our patients using the latest technologies possible. This allows for us to provide fast, effective, and affordable Invisalign Treatment to our patients in Charlotte! Our patients receive a smile preview during their complimentary consultation, and we create custom treatment plans to fit their needs.

Digital Impressions

The iTero Element intraoral digital impression scanner is the latest in digital dentistry. The scanner can create highly accurate and precise digital models of your teeth to be used for manufacturing retainers, Invisalign treatment, and much more. The iTero Element records the surfaces of your teeth at 6000 frames per second as one of our assistants slides it along your teeth. What’s so great about that? Well, now there is no need for gooey impressions and we also have digital models of your teeth stored in the cloud forever. If you ever need a new retainer, in most cases we can send you one without you ever having to come into the office.

Invisalign Treatment

After one of our doctors creates your customized treatment plan, the series of clear aligners are manufactured to achieve the desired result. The number of trays you will have is dependent on how much movement is required to give you a perfect smile. Simple cases, for example a patient that had braces as a teen but lost their retainer, can be as few as 5 aligners. While more complex cases can have 20-30 aligners. Our doctors will recommend you wear each aligner either 1 or 2 weeks before progressing to the next aligner, again depending on case type. Once you have progressed through your aligner series and have the smile of your dreams, you will have the option to decide which type of complimentary retainer system you would prefer (ie bonded permanent retainers vs clear removable retainers, or both!).

Accelerated Treatment

We understand that some patients may need their treatment to progress more rapidly due to a wedding, graduation, or other special event. We offer several solutions to increase the rate at which bone can remodel and therefore increase the rate at which teeth can move through the bone. We specialize in a cyclic loading (vibration) appliance that stimulates the bone remodeling cells to accelerate the rate of tooth movement. Our doctors are certified to provide an acceleration procedure known as MOPs—which stands for micro-osteoperforations. Ask us about these acceleration options at your visit!

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We know you’re going to be over the moon when you finally have the smile of your dreams. However, in order to keep it straight and beautiful, retention is required. Many patients had braces as a teen, lost their retainer in college, and are now seeking re-treatment. The simple explanation of relapse is that the body is constantly changing.

Our bones remodel, our soft tissue loses tonicity, and other changes over time can affect the position of our teeth. All of our retention systems are included with your treatment, so all you have to do is decide which system fits your life. We have “permanent” retainers (fixed bonded retainer) that are bonded behind the teeth for 24/7 retention and also clear removable retainers that resemble an aligner which a patient can just pop in at night to sleep in.